Coming soon: on being an FTM with PCOS

I don’t really have anything of note to say right now, but I will be posting every once in a while. Mostly, my focus moving forward will probably be concerning the particulars of transitioning while having a naturally masculinized hormone profile (in other words, my body produces more androgens on its own than a textbook cis woman). Because information on this shit is hard to find – actually, I haven’t found any.

I do currently have questions that will only be answered once I start taking testosterone. Questions like how much more body hair will I expect to grow, and where? How much more masculinized will my face get? Will being on T feel all that different than what my baseline hormonal profile already is? And so on.

It occurred to me that I will have a slightly different trajectory than other trans men who aren’t starting with a previous diagnosis of endocrine-based polycystic ovarian syndrome (versus a PCOS caused by medication or insulin-related issues, to which I can’t really speak on). For instance, when I decided to stop shaving my leg hair, my husband was surprised to note that the level of terminal hair growth around my lower legs was strikingly similar to his, even though he suffers from a mild degree of hyperandrogenism/hirsutism. When I go on T, will I have even MORE hair, then, or will these already androgen-sensitive follicles fail to change much? Since my natural, baseline state is already so masculinized – including, I might add, a predominantly mesomorphic body shape, which caused me quite a bit of distress in my teenage years – what changes will I actually see? And, conversely, what changes will I maybe not see because they’ve already happened?

T is still a long ways away. Months, at least, and it might even wait until early next year due to logistical reasons more than anything.


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4 responses to “Coming soon: on being an FTM with PCOS”

  1. InDevinsWords says :

    It’s a long road ahead of you, but you got this. 🙌🏽

  2. angrybushbaby says :

    This is a really interesting and important topic- I look forward to reading more. I also have PCOS so I know an element of the struggle. I also just want to add that I very recently found your blog and I think that it deserves recognition so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award! (There’s a post about this on my blog with more details if you’re not familiar with the award). Thought I’d let you know- AB

    • Keen says :

      Thank you very much, and I’m glad you’ve appreciated my writing! Also, thank you for the Liebster! I believe I’ve gotten one already, so I may or may not participate again.

  3. Lavan Volkov says :

    I haven’t found much on it, either. I’d be interested in whatever you do run into.

    I’ve wondered about it, too. Maybe there won’t be such a change, or maybe it’ll be bigger! It’s something to think about.

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